With Up Not An Option, Wald Moves Out

By SteveK Comment

wald_2-4.jpgWith the news yesterday that Jonathan Wald was leaving CNBC, media writers looked deeper into the move, and Wald’s career:

• Marketwatch’s Jon Freidman writes that Wald “was clearly a star in the news world and he boasted a sterling journalism pedigree.”

Friedman describes the rapport he had with his top talent. “I’ve found in doing research for CNBC stories over the years that Wald’s celebrity colleagues greatly appreciated the encouragement and support he gave them,” he writes.

• Rachel Sklar writes on The Daily Beast that Wald “is practically royalty” at NBC. But one “longtime network colleague” tells Sklar, “with Jonathan there’s always a but.” Writes Sklar: “He is known for throwing some sharp elbows, and has his fair share of frenemies in high and low places.”

But another source tells Sklar, “He has a lot of fans – a lot.” Sklar also gives one possible reason for Wald’s departure. “[CNBC president Mark] Hoffman has reportedly just re-upped to stay on for another five years so moving up a rung was not at option,” she writes.

• Brian Stelter writes for TV Decoder about the move, and notes, “Mr. Wald was believed to be a leading contender to succeed Mark Hoffman.”

Wald tells the Times: “I’m confident CNBC will keep growing,” Asked about his future, he said, “Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to keep growing as well.”