With George Stephanopoulos Nearly Locked In, What About the Rest of ‘Good Morning America?’

By Chris Ariens Comment

GMA_12.4.jpgWith George Stephanopoulos offered the job of co-hosting “Good Morning America,” a game of musical anchor chairs is about to play out at ABC News.

In addition to filling his seat at ABC’s “This Week,” which last week was #1 in the ratings, there is a growing sense that newsreader Chris Cuomo is not long for the morning show if he does not get the top job.

Cuomo, insiders tell us, may be headed to ABC primetime as co-anchor of “20/20.” Elizabeth Vargas has been anchoring solo since John Stossel jumped to Fox Business in September.

So, who gets the GMA newsreader job?

Howie Kurtz reports that ABC executives have “staged taped sessions with three female staffers — Kate Snow, JuJu Chang and Bianna Golodryga — who have substituted in that role to see how they interact with the co-host.”

Sources tell TVNewser the tapings with two of those staffers — Golodryga and Chang — occurred yesterday morning with Stephanopoulos and co-anchor Robin Roberts present. “The idea was to see the chemistry between them,” says a source.

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