Why Roger Ailes Is An Influential

By Brian 

ailesmay8.jpgRoger Ailes is an Influential in New York’s latest issue. That’s not a surprise. The best part of Ailes’ write-up comes at the end:

“Ailes’s Fox News Channel is the preeminent news organization of George W. Bush’s America. He brought the brash, outspoken, unabashedly right-wing sensibility of talk radio (and of Ailes himself) to TV, with vast and continuing commercial success. So dominant is FNC that nine of the ten most-watched cable-news shows air on Fox. Its ties to the Bush White House (remember that Fox was the first to declare Bush the victor in 2000) are strong enough that commentator Tony Snow was named press secretary, and a journalist complained that the TVs on Air Force One are tuned only to FNC. Ailes’s dominion keeps expanding: Last year, he wrested control of Fox’s television stations-News Corp.’s biggest cash-flow generator-from wayward heir Lachlan Murdoch. Also, inadvertently created Stephen Colbert.”