Who Hasn’t Lisa Ling Worked For?

By SteveK Comment

ling_7-9.JPGABC has just announced that Lisa Ling is rejoining the network as a contributing correspondent for Nightline.

Ling has now worked on The Oprah Winfrey Show, National Geographic Ultimate Explorer on MSNBC, she was a co-host on “The View,” a reporter at Channel One and last month it was announced she would be contributing to CNN’s next installment of “Planet in Peril.”

The Oprah and Nat Geo gigs are ongoing, while her Nightline reporting begins tomorrow night. Her first story is about the challenges facing the elderly.

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…oh and we forgot to mention “Scratch,” a nationally syndicated teen magazine show Ling co-hosted when she was 16.

ABC News “Nightline” announced today that journalist Lisa Ling will contribute a series of reports to air on the leading late-night news program.

“I have wanted to work with Lisa for a long time,” said James Goldston, Executive Producer of “Nightline.” “She is a terrific journalist with a very distinctive style that fits really well with the Nightline sensibility.”

Said Ms. Ling: “I am deeply honored to be contributing to this journalistic institution that I’ve watched my whole life.”

In her first report for “Nightline,” Ling explores the astronomical growth of retirement age people in America and the equally rapid growth of luxury retirement communities that have been cropping up in recent years to meet the growing demand. She visits two high-end retirement living complexes in Northern California, where the residents speak candidly about the emotional challenges they face in their older years in spite of being surrounded by millions of dollars in amenities – the toll of losing a spouse, the desire to live independently, the fear of loneliness and their often humorous takes on popular culture these days.

Lisa Ling is a special correspondent for the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and the National Geographic Channel. Ms. Ling has had a distinguished career covering international social and humanitarian issues, including stories about the Lord’s Resistance Army and the crisis of AIDS orphans in Uganda, rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and bride burning in India. Prior to becoming a host of “National Geographic Ultimate Explorer,” Ms. Ling was a co-host of ABC’s “The View.”

Ms. Ling’s upcoming reports for “Nightline” include looks at the heroin epidemic in America’s heartland, efforts to make it rain in America’s southwest, and a report on experimental surgery for severely wounded war veterans.

Lisa Ling’s report on the challenges facing the elderly airs on ABC News “Nightline” Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 11:35pm ET/PT.