Where To Watch The Obamas’ First Dance? ABC Only, For Now

By SteveK Comment

abc_1-18.jpgSprinkled within the generous helping of Inauguration coverage on every network will be a few moments that are only offered on specific channels. The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi writes about some of the exclusive deals made between the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) and networks like HBO, MTV and ABC.

But Bryan Boughton, FNC’s D.C. bureau manager and the network bureau chief chair of the press pool from January-April, is speaking up about ABC’s plans. ABC is currently set to air the first Inaugural ball (“Neighborhood Inaugural Ball”) Tuesday night, restricting other networks from airing any of President-elect Barack Obama’s remarks until 10pmET (previously 1amET) and the Obamas’ first dance.

“It’s a moment in history and all Americans should share that,” Boughton tells TVNewser today. “All networks should take it live. We’re not asking that the whole ball is opened up. We do not consider the remarks entertainment. We consider that fair use as it happens.”

Boughton has been working with Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs, representing the PIC, and ABC News, representing ABC Entertainment, to work toward a compromise. “We don’t know what the end result will be,” says Boughton. “I think both sides…have been dealing with us in good faith in trying to come to some resolution with this.”

According to The Washington Post, Disney paid $2 million to air a children’s concert on the Disney Channel and the Inaugural ball on ABC.