WHCAD: To Bow Tie Or Not To Bow Tie?

By Brian 

tuckermay1.jpgTwo weeks ago, MSNBC host Tucker Carlson dropped his signature bow tie.

“The decision was all his,” senior producer Willie Geist explained. “There were no focus groups. No executive orders. No interventions from family or friends. Tucker just casually announced to us the bow tie was history.”

But then, at Saturday’s White House Correspondents Association dinner, there was Tucker, back with the bow! (At Tammy Haddad‘s brunch, though, he was sans bow tie, “and sporting some hair so wild it’s bordering on a mullet,” FishBowlDC adds.

“For once, the bow tie was appropriate,” Wonkette says, adding that he is “apparently moving back down to DC fairly soon…”

> Update: 3:43pm: An e-mailer says: “Don’t believe that story about Tucker Carlson’s Bow Tie removal being his own idea. Rick Kaplan had it in for the bow tie since day one. When the picture of Tucker was hung in the MSNBC lobby before his show premiered, he apparently had two versions taken – one with the bow tie, one without. the ‘without’ version hung until the day his show launched, when Tucker thought he won the battle for the bow tie. Guess that war wasn’t over until just now. And very curious statement at the end of that article about how he’s ‘moving back to DC fairly soon.’ Hmmm…”