What Will “President Obama” Mean For Fox News?

By SteveK Comment

hannity_1-19.jpgThe New York Times’ Brian Stelter takes a detailed look at what the future of Fox News will be with a Democrat in the White House.

FNC SVP Bill Shine says, “All I know is that over the course of the next four years, we’re going to do what we do really well — cover the news in a fair and balanced way and put on a very good product.”

But, as EVP of news editorial John Moody notes, “Will we give this incoming administration a Greek chorus of exaltation? No, but that speaks more about the other networks than about us.”

On the economic side, Brad Adgate, SVP for research at Horizon Media, says FNC is on “firm financial footing” in 2009. Adgate says FNC has “created appointment viewing on slow news days” and that “audience loyalty allow Fox to charge higher rates.”

Eric Alterman, liberal media columnist and author of “What Liberal Media?” sees FNC in a good spot with the new administration. “Fox is in a much better position with a liberalish Democrat in the White House than they were with a Republican,” he says.

But former White House press secretary Scott McClellan notes where FNC is likely to lose one household. “They’re certainly going to lose some market share at the White House,” said McClellan.

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