Velshi: “There’s A Little Too Much Complaining And Finger Pointing Going On”

By SteveK Comment

velshi_2-25.jpgCNN’s chief business correspondent, and author of “Gimme My Money Back,” Ali Velshi joined us this morning on the Morning Media Menu, less than 12 hours after President Barack Obama’s Not State of the Union (as it was known on Twitter).

Velshi gave his take on the speech. “Part of the job of the President in this speech was to say, ‘okay we’ve got these programs through, we’re on top of the game,’ but to sort of instill some hope for the future,” he said. But: “I thought there was a great opportunity to say something a little more specifically about what’s going on right now, and he missed that.”

He also talked about the Santelli Rant — or, the comments by CNBC’s Rick Santelli last week. “I really don’t think it was a rant at all,” said Velshi. “I think he was making a point that there was a great deal of frustration in the environment in which he works about bailouts for homeowners who don’t necessarily deserve them.”

Velshi has a suggestion when discussing the economy — stick to the solutions. “There’s a little too much complaining and finger pointing going on right now,” he said.

Also discussed: What Velshi says you can do to help the economy, the future of newspapers’ online content and whether this crisis can be compared to the Great Depression.

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