Velez-Mitchell Talks “Issues,” Octomom, Sully on the “Menu”

By SteveK Comment

velez_3-12.jpgHLN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell joined us on today’s Morning Media Menu podcast.

She talked about her highly-rated new show, “Issues.” “We take the watercooler issues of the day, the ones that everybody is talking about, and we analyze them from a unique perspective,” Velez-Mitchell said.

Velez-Mitchell gave her take on Octomom. “It’s a reality show except it’s not just on one network it’s on every network. And there are twists and turns every day,” she said.

The Octomom conversation led to a talk about her upcoming book, “I Want,” coming out in October. Velez-Mitchell describes it as her “journey to a world of less consumption.” “If there’s one positive thing to come out of this economic crisis, we can all learn some old fashioned American values like frugality and conservationism and environmentalism,” she said.

Also discussed: The “war on women,” Rihanna/Chris Brown and Captain Sully’s new book deal.

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