USAirways Crash in New York City: “The Captain Came on and Said ‘Brace for Impact'”

By Chris Ariens Comment




The cable news networks are providing wall-to-wall coverage, while the broadcast anchors delivered special reports of today’s USAirways crash into the Hudson river. The plane had just taken off from Laguardia and was headed to Charlotte, NC.

A passenger told CNN:

All of a sudden you heard a loud bang and you could smell smoke and immediatley the plane started turning in another direction like we were turning back. No one new what was going on. The captain came on and said ‘brace for impact’ and then we just hit and somehow the plane stayed afloat and we were all able to get on the life rafts. It’s incredible we are all still alive.

The plane took off at 3:26pmET. FNC first reported the news at 3:34, via a Reuters report. MSNBC had first pictures at 3:40 from WNBC’s Chopper 4 and CNN reported the story at 3:46.

CBS’s Katie Couric, ABC’s Charlie Gibson and NBC’s Brian Williams anchored special reports for their networks around 3:50pmET.




> Update: ABC’s Robin Roberts watched the plane as it went into the Hudson from her balcony. She was on with Gibson this afternoon and will report on World News as well.

> More on WebNewser: Including coverage from Live, ABC News Now and

> Update 2: CBS Radio News was the first radio network on the air with continuous coverage from 3:44pmET until 5p. CBS News TV & Radio offices are just a few blocks from where the plane made impact at 11th Ave. & West 57th St. Radio correspondents Jim Taylor and Harley Carnes anchored coverage.