TVNewsers Heading To Haiti

By Chris Ariens Comment

haitimap_1-13.jpgContinually Updated: We’ll update this post as we hear more about who is heading to Hispaniola, either the Dominican Republic or Haiti (if the airport is reopened) to cover yesterday’s 7.0 earthquake.

  • CBS’ Katie Couric
  • NBC’s Al Roker and Ann Curry
  • ABC’s Kate Snow
  • CNN’s Anderson Cooper (Update)
  • FNC’s Orlando Salinas and Steve Harrigan
  • NBC’s Brian Williams
  • CBS’ Dave Price
  • ABC’s Richard Besser and Dan Harris
  • NBC’s Kerry Sanders, Michelle Kosinski and Ron Allen
  • FNC’s Bill Hemmer
  • CBS’ Jeff Glor, Byron Pitts, and Kelly Cobiella
  • CNN’s Ivan Watson, Susan Candiotti. Sanjay Gupta, Gary Tuchman, Jon Mann, Juan Carlos Lopez, and Chris Lawrence
  • ABC’s Diane Sawyer
  • ABC’s Robin Roberts
  • FNC’s Jonathan Hunt
  • FNC’s Greta Van Susteren

Anderson Cooper is the first anchor on the ground and is already reporting.

CBS “Evening News” and NBC “Nightly News” are planning to broadcast from the region tonight. Katie Couric arrived in Santo Domingo just before 12pmET, and in Port-au-Prince at 2:30pmET.

ABC’s Diane Sawyer heads there from Afghanistan, so she likely won’t be on air from Haiti until tomorrow.

FNC WH correspondent Wendell Goler was first on Hispaniola because…he was already there. Goler was on vacation in the Dominican Republic when the earthquake struck. He reported for “FOX Report” via phone last evening.

At 2:54pmET, Brian Williams did a live phone interview from Haiti. We’ve also learned that “Nightly News” will be one hour tonight.

On Thursday, Sawyer will anchor “World News” and Robin Roberts will anchor “GMA” from Haiti. George Stephanopoulos will anchor “World News” this evening from New York, which is as previously scheduled due to Sawyer’s Afghanistan trip.

Couric will anchor an hour-long broadcast of “Evening News” for CBS this evening.

ABC “World News” will also be one hour.

> Wednesday Evening Additions: FNC’s Greta Van Susteren will head down during the day Thursday and will host “On the Record” from Miami Thursday night.