TVNewser’s 2012 March Madness Bracket Challenge

By Alex Weprin Comment

Spring is in the air, and that can only mean two things: March Madness and TVNewser’s 2012 bracket challenge.

Every March we have TV news talent, executives and producers fill out their brackets and make their picks, with the winner receiving the ultimate prize: bragging rights.

Last year’s champion–Bloomberg TV’s Dominic Chu–is back to defend his crown, but there is some steep competition from across the TV news spectrum.

Game on.

Here is your 2012 TVNewser March Madness lineup:

Team Bloomberg TV:

Returning champ: Dominic Chu, markets reporter, Bloomberg TV

Cory Johnson, editor-at-large, Bloomberg TV

Stephanie Ruhle, correspondent, Bloomberg TV

Team Fox News/Fox Business Network:

Harris Faulkner, anchor, Fox News

John Roberts, senior national correspondent, Fox News

Elizabeth MacDonald, correspondent, Fox Business Network

Rich Edson, correspondent, Fox Business Network


Rome Hartman, executive producer (and 2010 TVNewser March Madness champ), NBC News

Bill Wolff, executive producer and VP, MSNBC

Steve Friedman, executive producer, MSNBC

Willie Geist, anchor, MSNBC

Alex Korson, executive producer, MSNBC

Joe Kernen, anchor, CNBC

Sandy Cannold, executive producer, CNBC

John Melloy, executive producer, CNBC

Brian Sullivan, anchor, CNBC

KC Sullivan, CFO, CNBC

Becky Quick, anchor, CNBC

Team CNN:

Suzanne Malveuax, anchor, CNN

Don Lemon, anchor CNN

Kyra Phillips, anchor, CNN

Randi Kaye, anchor, CNN

Janelle Rodriguez, VP, CNN

Brooke Baldwin, anchor, CNN

Carol Costello, anchor, CNN

Christal Jones, senior publicist, CNN

John Antonio, deputy director of programming, CNN

Fredricka Whitfield, anchor, CNN

And finally:

Alex Weprin, senior editor, TVNewser