TVNewser Challenge ’09 Poll Results


By SteveK

With more votes cast this year than last year, the TVNewser Challenge ’09 has come to an end. Let’s take a look at the results:

In two repeat votes from last year, 68% thought the Today show would “maintain its dominance” in the year ahead and 59% picked the NBC Nightly News to be the #1 evening newscast. The morning show vote was similar to last year, but ABC World News and NBC were tied in the voting in 2008. The other repeat vote, if FBN would make up any ground on CNBC, finished almost identical to last year’s tally, with 53% predicting FBN would end the year “not even close” to CNBC in the ratings.

Glenn Beck was the choice by 35% as the most successful new anchor, followed by John King with 22%. “D.L. Hughley Breaks The News” was predicted by 50% to be canceled this year.

55% had it right about Chris Matthews — that he’d be staying at Hardball.

Despite a change in moderator, 43% thought NBC’s Meet the Press would “remain comfortably #1″ in ’09.

And finally, 48% picked Sarah Palin as the next big crossover political-TV star, followed well behind by Mitt Romney with 13%.

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