TruTV’s Jean Casarez on How She Got an Inside Look at Joran van der Sloot’s Jail Cell

By kevin Comment

Jean Casarez, truTV “In Session” correspondent, got a look inside the Peruvian jail cell that alleged murderer Joran van der Sloot will remain in during his trial. TVNewser spoke to Casarez about the report from Peru between live hits for CNN and HLN today.

She attributes the prison’s invitation to “old fashioned journalism and talking to sources” explaining that they had put in the request for a tour soon after arriving in the region. “One reason they wanted us to come in is that they focus on rehabilitation,” she told us. “They felt Castro Castro had been sensationalized by the world people and wanted everyone to know that its not what people think it is.”

The prison has become the latest hot topic for newsers on the van der Sloot beat. ABC News’ John Quinones also went inside Castro Castro for “Good Morning America.” (Video after the jump)

“It was extremely high security for us to get in: electronic fingerprints, pictures, passports, a full body scanner.” Casarez told us. She said she was given considerable access by the prison and toured van der Sloot’s cell while guards moved him to another building.

Casarez has been in Peru for two weeks, arriving shortly after van der Sloot arrived in Lima. “It’s really an amazing opportunity to be down here,” she told us. “People have been very forthcoming with information that we’ve been able to impart to the world.”