Tiger Woods: 'Special Announcement' at 11 a.m.

By Cam Martin Comment

Tiger Woods, whose lingering injuries have caused him to miss the U.S. Open and to withdraw from the upcoming British Open, is sitting down with The Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman to discuss an undisclosed subject at 11 a.m. today. Is he retiring? Highly unlikely. So why is he calling a pseudo press conference? We already know he’s not playing in the British Open due to injuries, so drawing people together for the added, unnecessary measure of repeating the same news seems oddly LeBronthian.

Shane Bacon at Devil Ball Golf discussed some of the other possible things Woods might talk about:

– Tiger won’t play golf for the rest of 2011. This one seems like the most likely because if Tiger is still hurting, and really wants o get 100 percent, he might need more time away from the game.

— Tiger needs to have surgery to fix his knee/Achilles.

— Tiger might comment on his relationship with Anthony Galea, maybe just to clear the air after Galea was indicted last week on counts of transporting illegal drugs across the border for a number of athletes.

— Tiger might be giving us an idea of when he will return to golf.

Hopefully he’s not returning to therapy for sex addiction, although that might be more worthy of a press conference than discussing his relationship with Anthony Galea.