The TVNewser Twitter Index: The Most-Followed Network Shows

By Alex Weprin Comment

Introducing the TVNewser Twitter index, where we take a look at how TV news programs are ranking on that other real-time medium, Twitter.

This week: the most-followed broadcast network morning shows and evening news programs.  Next week we look at the primetime cable news landscape and in future weeks we will catch you up on the primetime broadcast shows, and the top TV news talent.

As the numbers clearly indicate, Twitter is still pretty small when compared to the vast reach of TV. Millions more people watch the network shows live than follow them on Twitter, nonetheless, there are some patterns that can be discerned.

The network morning shows:

ABC’s “Good Morning America”: 1.945 million followers

NBC’s “Today”: 1.569 million followers

CBS’ “CBS This Morning”: 58,184 followers

As the newest morning show, and with fewer viewers than its competitors, it isn’t surprising that “CTM” is at the bottom of the follower pack. It is clear that CBS News as an organization places less emphasis on social media than ABC or NBC, and this is almost certainly a factor.

The evening newscasts:

“NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams”: 166,178 followers

“ABC World News with Diane Sawyer”: 151,758 followers

“CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley”: 25,922

Once again, the CBS News program is at the bottom of the pack, with far lower numbers than its television ratings may indicate. All three programs have significantly fewer followers than their morning brethren, despite having more viewers. Why? It could be the older audience, or the shorter lengths of the shows. Maybe the morning shows just produce content that is better suited to being shared through twitter.