The Ticker: Phillips High, Cronkite Records, O’Reilly Numbers…

By Chris Ariens Comment

> She was apparently sober on the Today show this morning, but when she was on the show last year, Mackenzie Phillips says she’d shot up heroin just before going on the show for a a ‘One Day at a Time’ reunion. (Ms. Romano would not be proud.) Phillips is plugging her new book.

> It’s just been revealed that two years ago the FBI destroyed files it had been keeping on CBS Newsman Walter Cronkite. “You’re not supposed to destroy records that are historically valuable,” an FBI spokesman said. “Somebody should have known who Walter Cronkite was.”

> Last week, FNC’s Bill O’Reilly had three of the Top 20 shows on all of cable. His Tuesday show was 10th, Wednesday was 12th, and Thursday’s was 13th. His was the only cable news show in the Top 20.