The Ticker: Glick, Benjamin, Urungus…

By kevin Comment

> Being the VP of business news for FBN will apparently land you a pretty swanky house. “Money for Breakfast” and “Opening Bell” anchor Alexis Glick was featured in Hamptons Magazine with her family’s impressive home that’s getting noticed for its major refurbishment from the original, dilapidated state. The residence also, from the pictures at least, appears to be the most pristine home with three small kids in it that we’ve ever seen, which is impressive in itself.

> White House Correspondent Jake Tapper points out that ABC was waaayyy ahead of everybody else on the Dr. Regina Benjamin story. Dr. Benjamin was today named President Obama‘s Surgeon General, but it turns out that, in 1995, she was also the “World News Tonight” Person of the Week.

> Lead singer Oderus Urungus from the sci-fi/horror heavy metal band Gwar is taking a break from spraying his audience with fake blood to appear on Fox News. He has been recently appearing on “Red Eye” as the interplanetary correspondent.