The Ticker (FNC Edition): 0-5, Murdoch, Hume…

By Chris Ariens Comment

> FishbowlDC’s Patrick Gavin reveals that during the five news conferences held by Pres.-elect Obama since his election, Fox News has not been called on at any of them. See who was.

> The NYTimes Book Review calls Michael Wolff’s new tome on News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch a “supercilious yet star-struck portrait.” The Man Who Owns the News is released tomorrow.

> Just a few weeks from his Fox News departure, Brit Hume speaks with the Pittsburgh Post-GazetteL: “I’m a reporter first and a conservative second. And the reason why that’s notable — that I’m a conservative — is that there are so few of us.” And how will Fox fare in an Obama administration? “A lot depends on which Obama we get.”