The Ticker: Arias, Gasparino, Armstrong

By Alex Weprin Comment

  • HLN is going all-out to cover the Jodi Arias trial in Arizona. “Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell” and “Nancy Grace” will both be dedicating their programming this week to the case, with Grace in Maricopa County, Arizona all week long.

  • Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino is profiled by Cigar Aficionado. Not surprisingly a good deal of talk is about cigars, but there is actually a media angle  to it. Sources love a good cigar after all…

  • “60 Minutes” takes itself to task, and examines how the show helped prop up the myth of Lance Armstrong, before helping to dismantle it years later. “We absolutely helped create the myth,” CBS News chairman Jeff Fager said. Watch after the jump.