The NFL Holds the Key to Solving the NBA's Labor Issues

By Noah Davis Comment

The Portland Tribute talks to NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver, and the interview gives huge cause for concern if you were hoping there would be an NBA season next year.

According to Silver, three-quarters of the teams are not making any money and many of them would be better off if the games were not played. As he says, that’s “not a good state of affairs.”

But are the sides close? Um, no. Not even close, apparently.

“There is an enormous gulf – not even a gap – that separates the players and owners right now. It’s going to require an intensive effort and a certain reality check on both sides of what’s at stake for the business. I remain an optimist, but to mix metaphors, it’s still a long putt.”

So solutions? The NBA is… turning to the NFL?

What we’ve proposed to the players is a hard cap. We’ve looked at the NFL, and we’re not ashamed to say that appears to be a better system. There’s a lot more analysis we need to do with the players. I’m not suggesting we’re the NFL. But we believe through shorter contracts, less guaranteed money and a harder salary cap, we can create more parity among the teams in this league. We believe for the long-term success for the business, that’s important.

Great. So you’re looking to a league that’s about to have an even worse labor stoppage? Yikes. Maybe the NHL can play all year round?