The McCaughey-Olbermann Volley

By Chris Ariens Comment

McCaughey_2.16.jpgFormer New York Lt. Gov Betsy McCaughey, the ball is in your court.

Tonight, Keith Olbermann named McCaughey the “worse” person in the world.

This goes back to last week (back story here) when McCaughey wrote an op-ed on Then on his show Thursday, Olbermann called her out on the premise of her argument and called her a shill for Big Pharma. Then Friday night, McCaughey refuted Olbermann’s claims, saying she “is not paid by the pharmaceutical industry or by the Hudson Institute.” She then challenged Olbermann to a debate on his show. Which brings us to tonight — Olbermann reported McCaughey sits on the Board of Directors of Cantel Medical and recently “received 750 shares of stock options” from the company, “worth about $11,000.”

Olbermann then repeated what he told TVNewser on Saturday: “Ms. McCaughey is welcome on Countdown. Like every other paid spokesperson trying to shill a product, she is invited to buy commercials on the show.”