The Business Of Business News

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The success of the Fox Business Network will not be measured in ratings alone. TVWeek’s Michelle Greppi looks at the “rich revenue source” that cable business news channels provide. “It’s a niche market that draws upscale viewers. Published ratings may look small, but that’s because they don’t cover out-of-home viewers on Wall Street and in offices nationwide…”

Greppi quotes one analyst who estimates FBN “will lose $75 million or so in its first year and then turn ‘rapidly to profitability’ in its second year.”

Click continued to see a breakdown of the earnings of cable news channels…

CNBC: $300 million in ad revenues and $380 million in subscriber fees
Bloomberg: $50 – $100 million from ads and subscription fees
FNC: $506.7 million
CNN: $466.8 million
MSNBC: $156.1 million

Source: Michelle Greppi, (estimates for earnings in 2006 or projections for 2007)