“The Best Political Team On Television”

By Brian 

> Update: 7:01pm: A cable news exec writes to TVNewser: “If they have the best political team on television, you’d think they’d have a daily political show. Instead, they’ve cancelled their political programs, ceding ground to their competitors. One promo or Larry King appearance doesn’t alter reality.”

> Update: 6:55pm: A CNN tipster says “when any anchor even thanks the D.C. correspondent, they are supposed to say ‘thank you so and so, you are the best political team in the business.'”

With midterm elections less than six months away, CNN is promoting its D.C. correspondents as “the best political team on television.”

The “best political team” promo has been repeated 94 times in the last month, according to a quick Nexis check, including six times on Sunday.

Over the weekend, tonight’s edition of Larry King Live was promoted extensively. Wolf Blitzer and others said: “Please be sure to join the best political team on television tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. Eastern.”

So who’s on the team? According to transcripts: John King, John Roberts, Andrea Koppel, Brian Todd, Candy Crowley, Ed Henry, Kathleen Koch, Suzanne Malveaux, Joe Johns, Elaine Quijano, James Carville, Victoria Clarke, Bill Schneider, Jeff Greenfield, Paul Begala, J.C. Watts, Bill Bennett, Chris Lawrence are all “part of” the team. (How’d they decide who would talk to Larry?…)