‘NY Med:’ Behind the Numbers

By Jordan Chariton Comment

NY MEDWhat’s it take to turn real-life medical drama into a weekly TV show?

The producers of ABC News’s “New York Med” have added it up.

The third episode of the show’s second season airs tonight on ABC. Since filming began, crews have shuffled between 14 hospitals, interviewing 1,823 patients — all of whom signed consent forms — and recording 96 surgeries.

“Most of these statistics don’t surprise us because we’ve made a hospital series on this scale before,” EP Terry Wrong tells TVNewser, who oversaw ABC’s “Boston Med” in the summer of 2010. “However,” Wrong adds, “we have never seen or imagined a patient surviving 12 bullet wounds with almost no damage apart from holes that needed stitching. This series always reminds not just how fragile but how resilient the human body is.”

Some other noteworthy  numbers after the jump…

  • 3,075 – number of tapes shot
  • 14 – number of cameras rolled in separate locations 7 days a week for 17 weeks
  • 498 – most hours screened by a single NY Med production staffer
  • 10 – most traumas filmed by a single videographer on one night
  • 16 hours – longest single surgery
  • 12 – most pairs of scrubs belonging to a single NY Med staffer