The A.M. Ticker: McCarthy, Hostin, Masonhall

By Chris Ariens Comment

  • Jenny McCarthy says she’ll be taking on a new job when she leaves “The View” later this summer, one that “will allow me to talk without having to interrupt anyone… Stay tuned even if it does compete with ‘The View,'” she said on Monday’s show.

  • CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin will be co-hosting “The View” this morning and again tomorrow. Earlier this year, Hostin and fellow CNN analyst Mark Geragos co-hosted the experimental “Making the Case” legal show on CNN.

  • Erika Masonhall has been upped to VP on the NBC News communications team. Masonhall oversees PR for “Nightly News” and “Meet the Press.” Last week, Natalie Raabe, formerly of ABC “World News,” left NBC for The New Yorker where she is the new director of comms.