Talent Tumble At CNBC: First Mark Haines, Then Ted David…Who’s Next?

By Brian 

> Update: 3:50pm: From a CNBC insider: “Who tunes into see these guys? Same for Maria! If they are so great where are the ratings? The shows that rate now are on from 5p to 10p…”

Is CNBC’s management team shelving some long-time anchors in favor of younger faces? It sure seems that way.

Last month, Mark Haines was “taken from the show that he created — the flagship show of the network — and relegated to one hour a day,” an e-mailer notes.

And last week, a memo confirmed that “CNBC original” Ted David is leaving his Morning Call co-anchor seat to be the “senior anchor” of CNBC Business Radio.

Several tipsters are using the word “pushed” in reference to the recent moves. As one anonymous message says: “The loss of Ted David from regular CNBC TV programming, plus the reduction of Mark Haines’ airtime is the beginning of the deconstruction of CNBC. Who’s next? Ron Insana? Bill Griffeth? Do brains and talent no longer matter? It must be dangerous to be over 40 in that place! Staffers are worried.”

And here’s the latest rumor in Englewood Cliffs: Ron Insana may not be reading the Street Signs much longer.

> “If I were Bill Griffeth I’d be worried,” an e-mailer adds…

> Tyler Mathisen left the air to become managing editor in July, but he may return to an on-air gig sometime soon, a tipster says… Update: 2am: Mathisen currently hosts High Net Worth on the weekends.