State of “State of the Union”

By SteveK Comment

state_1-26.jpg“State of the Union,” CNN’s weekend show anchored by John King, was in its new studio for the first time yesterday. Among the guests that joined King were David Plouffe and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Also on the broadcast, debuted his new video, “New Day,” exclusive to CNN. It includes video shot by and his crew at the Inauguration.

Some tipsters emailed about technical problems during the broadcast, including tapes not playing properly and sound malfunctions. A CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser, “There were a few technical problems with the computer servers that run video and sound bites but overall things worked out smoothly during yesterday’s four-hour block of State of the Union.”

On Reliable Sources yesterday (or, as the release says: “On today’s Reliable Sources portion of CNN’s State of the Union with John King”), Howard Kurtz talked to CBS’ White House correspondent Chip Reid and took a closer look at MSNBC’s Inauguration coverage. Click continued to see what was discussed…

kurtz_1-26.jpgKurtz asked Chip Reid about White House press secretary Robert Gibbs being questioned about ABC’s “get” on Inauguration night — at the party ABC paid for exclusive broadcast rights. “I think Robert Gibbs has had a pretty good start in some ways, but he is reading from talking points right now, as well he should, because the last thing he wants to do is make a big mistake in his first week,” said Reid.

He also discussed MSNBC’s coverage in the context of Chris Matthews’ comments on Inauguration Day about MSNBC opening “its heart to change.”

“I just want to be clear about it, because MSNBC denies that it has moved to the left, and I think the evidence is pretty strong,” said Kurtz.