Soledad O’Brien on Her ‘Controversial’ Doc

By kevin Comment

controversial_5-29.jpgSoledad O’Brien’s newest project for CNN is a bit of a departure from her other In America films.

She spoke about the documentary, “In America: Gary & Tony Have a Baby,” in a Q&A with who asked if she feels the topic and special itself are particularly controversial:

Adam: The trailer starts out by identifying the topic as one of the most controversial issues of our time. Why do you think the idea of two men raising a baby is controversial?

Soledad: Well I’ll start out by saying I don’t. I don’t write the promos, but I think what they were referring to is the fact that in the past year and in the next several years, the idea of gay marriage has been very controversial. And controversial meaning that there are ardent opinions on either side of the issue where people firmly believe that they are right. So I think that this is an issue that people feel very strongly about, but again that is promo copy, that is not my documentary. (h/t J$P)

“Gary & Tony Have a Baby,” airs June 24th at 8pmET.

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