Scarborough: “As Long As I’m Fair, I Don’t Think There’s a Problem At All”

By SteveK Comment

scarborough_12-11.bmpTime Magazine’s upcoming issue features 10 Questions with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, featuring questions from readers.

Scarborough jokes about life as a conservative at MSNBC. “They keep us separated. They put me in a cage after I get off the air,” he says. “No, as long as I’m fair, I don’t think there’s a problem at all. I will say that when I started in 2003, nobody spoke to me for six months. I was a strange man in a strange land.”

He also brings up the Chris Matthews will-he-or-won’t-he Senate race talks, unprompted in a question whether he plans to run again for public office. “I think I’ll leave it to Chris Matthews to figure out whether or not he wants to jump in the [Pennsylvania] Senate race,” he says.

Scarborough gives his take on Fox News and the “drama” between anchors at the DNC. Those answers, after the jump…

About Fox News:

Fox News has always been underestimated from the very beginning. But if you want to use the past eight years as a road map for who’s going to succeed over the next eight, it looks pretty good for MSNBC.

Anchor “drama”:

Everybody has a high level of respect for each other, but sometimes, like in any family, you talk politics and it gets a little heated. MSNBC right now is a free marketplace of ideas where everybody’s invited and opinions clash. But all’s well that ends well.