Rove on TCA: “Like Satan Dropping in at the Southern Baptist Convention”

By SteveK Comment

oreillyrove_7-17.JPGAfter a lively panel earlier this week in Beverly Hills, Karl Rove appeared last night on The O’Reilly Factor to talk TCA, among other issues.

Bill O’Reilly began the discussion reflecting on his time at with the critics. “You know I was out there a few years ago. I think I sneered at them,” he said. “You know they come in with this attitude, number one, that they know more than everybody else — kind of like my attitude.”

Rove downplayed the difficulty. “It wasn’t that hard a time,” he said. “Look, they were mostly polite. I could tell it was like Satan dropping in at the Southern Baptist convention. They weren’t exactly pleased to see me but they were a little bit intrigued.”

Click continued to see part of the interview, including Rove’s take on why the print media is “so left-wing”…