Rodriguez Talks Blago, Sully on Today’s “Menu”

By SteveK Comment

rodriguez_2-4.jpgCBS’ The Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez joined us this morning on the Morning Media Menu podcast.

Last week Rodriguez interviewed Gov. Rod Blagojevich in one of his first sit-downs of the major media tour. “Everyone here thought he was incredibly charming,” says Rodriguez. But “a lot of people would say he’s an interesting case study in delusion and self-destruction.”

Monday she has another big get — hero pilot Captain Sully (Chesley Sullenberger). “It’s just going to be good, warm, happy television which I think we all welcome these days,” Rodriguez says.

But just like Blago, Rodriguez’ interview with Sully is just one of many for the guest during that day. So how does she prepare? “I have to find a way to make it different, I have to find something that they didn’t have,” she says.

Rodriguez also reflects on her one year in the Early Show anchor chair (“I’m so excited to see who I get to talk to tomorrow”), gives her thoughts on the New York Times’ possibly charging for content and jokes about pulling “the old Katie Couric-Sarah Palin”.

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