Quien Es Mas Fairer: FNC or NBC?

By Chris Ariens Comment

HillBill_4.30.jpgAt the end of part I of Bill O’Reilly‘s II part interview with Sen. Hillary Clinton, the FNC host pressed the candidate, not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times whether she was “surprised” that Fox is being more fair to her campaign than NBC:

“Final question, are you surprised — you have to tell me the truth here. You’re looking me in the eyes, so I’m going to believe you.

BTW, that may be the best run-up to a candidate question this primary season. He continued:

Are you surprised that Fox News has been fairer to you than NBC News, and a lot of the other liberal news networks? Are you surprised?

Hillary: I wouldn’t expect anything less than a fair and balanced coverage of my campaign.

Bill: I know you’re being a little — but really, aren’t you surprised?

Hillary: Look, I am not a pundit or a commentator. I will leave that to you. That comes with the territory.

Bill: But aren’t you surprised?

Hillary: I’m running for the toughest job in the world. And it goes with the territory.

Bill: You’re not going to tell me whether you’re surprised?

Hillary: You know, I think a lot of people know this is a campaign of firsts. Sitting down today, another first in this campaign. I have been having a good time.