Public Policy Polling: PBS Most Trusted, Fox News Least Trusted News Organizations

By Alex Weprin Comment

Public Policy Polling released its annual “TV News Trust Poll,” and the results are somewhat surprising. PBS was the clear favorite, with 50% of respondents trusting it, compared to 30% that distrust it.

Democrats and Independents had more trust in PBS than any other outlet, while Republicans placed it second behind only Fox News, albeit a very distant second. This is the first year PBS was included, so it cannot  be compared to last year’s poll.

Fox News was also the most distrusted network, with 46% of respondents say they do not trust it, compared to 42% that do. Of course, the 42% that trust FNC is still more than any other outlet besides PBS. Last year, the same poll showed Fox News to be the most trusted news organization.

Republicans still favor Fox News by a very wide margin, with 67% saying that they trust the network.

NBC, CNN and the other broadcast networks, after the jump.

NBC News (which includes both the broadcast network and MSNBC) had 41% of respondents trusting it, and the same number distrusting it.

CNN was essentially flat from last year, with 40% of respondents saying they trust it, compared to 43% that do not.

ABC News and CBS News had the lowest overall levels of trust, with only 35% and 36% of respondents saying they trust them, respectively, but still saw improvements compared to last year’s poll.

“It’s interesting that as cable TV has been taken over more and more by opinion journalism the old network mainstays are seeing an increase in their credibility with the American public,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling, in a statement.

Check out the full results here.