President Obama Holds Press Conference on the Economy

By Alex Weprin Comment

Just after 11 AM this morning, President Obama made remarks about the economy and unemployment.

The four broadcast networks carried it live, with Harry Smith anchoring for CBS, George Stephanopoulos for ABC, Greg Jarrett for Fox and Matt Lauer for NBC:

ABCObamaPresser091010.jpg CBSObamaPresser091010.jpg
FoxObamaPresser091010.jpg NBCObamaPresser091010.jpg

Not surprisingly, the three cable news channels and the three business networks all carried the press conference as well.

Which TV news reporters got to ask questions?

Update: The AP got the first question, followed by Reuters. Chip Reid of CBS News got the third question, and was the first TV reporter to ask a question. Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols got the fourth question. NBC’s Chuck Todd gets question five. The Washington Post gets the sixth question. Israel’s largest newspaper Haaretz gets question seven. ABC News’ Jake Tapper gets the eighth question. American urban Radio gets question nine. The New York Times gets the tenth question. Ann Compton from ABC News Radio gets question 11. CNN’s Ed Henry gets the twelfth question. Wendell Goler of Fox News gets question 13, which is also the last question of the day.