‘People told us, ‘I love that Al Roker.’ So they’re getting more Al Roker.’

By Chris Ariens Comment

Another bit from the New York cover story on how NBC intends to bring “Today” back to its former morning glory. Joe Hagan writes:

Last fall, Today producers used a research firm called Sterling to help analyze how viewers felt about the show. The producers flew to Florida to hang out in viewers’ living rooms, identifying themselves as researchers. A woman named Adrianna, for instance, thought the interviews went on too long, but she liked the weatherman. “People told us, ‘I love that Al Roker,'” says [“Today” executive Alex] Wallace. “So they’re getting more Al Roker. It’s not an anti-Matt thing at all.”

Roker is already a fixture on the first three hours, he does another morning show, “Wake up with Al,” on Weather Channel and he has his own production company that churns out shows for multiple networks. Still, you should expect to see more Al Roker.

Shameless plug time: Did you hear about how Al Roker broke in to the TV business? It involves the dreaded “C” word. See it after the jump…