Page Six v. Olbermann, Part (We’ve Lost Count)

By Chris Ariens Comment

NYPOKeith_7.15.bmpThe New York Post says MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann “is once again disrespecting the dead.” Their latest salvo is about this statement Olbermann released Saturday, hours after the death of Tony Snow. Olbermann praised Snow as “an optimistic, funny, and courageous man…but while we could not have disagreed more on policy, we were in frequent contact, even during his days as Press Secretary.”

The Page Six item claims, “A true friend of Snow’s says Olbermann had ‘no relationship with Tony, at all.’ And the item goes on to report: “A rep for Olbermann didn’t get back to us.”

Well, not so much. TVNewser has obtained an email exchange between the NYPost’s Marianne Garvey and MSNBC PR rep Alana Russo. We’ve also learned Garvey and Russo spoke on the phone about the story…

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From: Russo, Alana (NBC Universal)
To: Garvey, Marianne
Sent: Mon Jul 14 16:43:17 2008
Subject: RE: tony snow

Yes, he did name him worst person in the world– it doesn’t mean that they weren’t also friendly besides that.


From: Garvey, Marianne
Sent: Mon 7/14/2008 4:41 PM
To: Russo, Alana (NBC Universal)
Subject: RE: tony snow

And FYI- here’s a transcript from jan 9, 2007, in which he names Tony worst perosn (sic) inn (sic) the world. And don’t assume my sources are people at Fox. I don’t even have a relatioship (sic) with [them], following a story I did bashing Bill O’Reilly. Believe me, I’m not biased.

OLBERMANN: First, time for COUNTDOWN`s latest list of nominees for Worst Person in the World.

But our winner tonight, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. Look, obviously honesty is not part of this job, no matter the president, no matter the party, I`m giving you that. But to fully B.S. a question about the president`s infamous dress up day as commander flies a lot, May 1st, 2003. Quoting Mr. Snow, you know that the mission accomplished banner was put up by members of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and the president, on that very speech, said just the opposite, didn`t he?

Tony, my god, you`re just bald-faced lying. Even your predecessor Scott McClellan said the White House made the banner and sent it to the Lincoln to be put up. Even Donald Rumsfeld said he talked the president out of saying mission accomplished, but he couldn`t get the banner pulled down in time. Even the president himself said in his next radio speech that on the Lincoln, quote, I delivered good news to the men and women who fought in the cause of freedom. Their mission is complete and major combat operations in Iraq have ended.

I mean, you were hired to lie. At least do it well. We`re not all third graders out here. White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, today`s Worst Person in the World.

[Source: Countdown for January 9, 2007, MSNBC]

Marianne Garvey
New York Post


—–Original Message—–
From: Russo, Alana (NBC Universal)
Sent: 7/14/2008 4:33 PM
To: Garvey, Marianne
Subject: tony snow

Hi: Just an FYI, here’s a transcript from Countdown, March 27, 2007 in which Keith mentions his correspondence with Tony, in similar language to his statement. Tony didn’t seem to have a problem with this.


BUSH: My message to Tony is, stay strong. A lot of people love you

and care for you and will pray for you. And we`re hoping for all the best.

I`m looking forward to the day that he comes back to the White House and

briefs the press corps on the decisions that I`m making and why I`m making



OLBERMANN: We here echo the president`s words wholeheartedly. This

may seem improbable, but Tony Snow and I are e-mail correspondents.

Baseball has been our primary topic. But he says he watches this newscast,

says he enjoys it, and can even resist the temptation to yell at the


And we are honored to have him. His comments about Elizabeth Edwards

last week could not have been more perfectly suitable.

Do whatever you can to get better, sir. If yelling might help, we

will be honored by that too.

Filling in for Tony Snow will be his deputy, Dana Perino. She told

the White House press corps today that Snow is optimistic about his

treatment. She also acknowledged the daunting task she faces in a comment

both brief and self-deprecating.