Page Six: TV News Producers Babysat Knox Sisters

By Alex Weprin Comment

The hunt to secure the first TV interview with Amanda Knox may be kicking into high gear now, but it has actually been going on for a some time already. Page Six reports that an ABC News producer served as a babysitter for the young sisters of Knox, and that CBS and NBC News both offered similar services to the Knox family.

The three networks offered responses with varying levels of wiggle room in response to the accusations:

An NBC rep said, “Absolutely no one from NBC News has ever baby-sat or offered baby-sitting services to Amanda Knox’s sisters, nor did we offer hotel rooms to the family.” A CBS rep said, “At no time did any member of Amanda Knox’s family occupy CBS News hotel rooms in Perugia.” An ABC rep had no comment.

As they say, all’s fair in love and TV booking.