O’Reilly: “When I Come In, I Come In Armed and Dangerous”

By SteveK Comment

oreilly_9-12.JPGTime Magazine’s 10 Questions section welcomes FNC anchor Bill O’Reilly this week, for a timely set of pithy responses to reader questions.

O’Reilly describes his interview style. “It’s not Larry King, with all due respect to Mr. King,” he says. “When I come in, I come in armed and dangerous. But if somebody impresses me, I’ll think about it more, and if I change my mind, I’ll tell the audience.”

But despite that dig at King, O’Reilly says he isn’t opposed to working at CNN. He is asked, “Would you ever consider working for CNN or any news network other than Fox News?”

“I work for people. I don’t work for a network,” he says. “So if there’s a person over there who I respect, and they wanted me to do a certain thing, I would consider it.”

Other topics include what “real conservatives” attack O’Reilly for and the reason for his seemingly-flip-flopping position regarding Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin.

After the jump, his thoughts on Sen. Barack Obama post-four part interview…

(image by Dennis Kleiman for Time Magazine)

Question: Did your interview with Barack Obama change your opinion of him? Edward Pniewski LANSING, MICH.


“I don’t endorse candidates, and I don’t tell people who to vote for, but I learned something about him: that he’s a sincere man and a tough guy. His policy is what he says it is. He’s no phony. He’s telling you: I’m going to set up a big government apparatus, I’m going to redistribute income and I’m going to use more soft power than hard power abroad. What he says is what he believes.”