Obama’s Post-Election Press Conference

By Alex Weprin Comment

President Obama is holding his first press conference in eight months, and the first since he won reelection 8 days ago. As we noted earlier, the networks are breaking into regular programming for the presser.

“I hear you have a few questions for me,” Obama said as he stepped up to the podium, before delivering a brief statement.


Among the likely topics of discussion are the Petraeus incident, his election win and the attack in Benghazi.

  • The first question went to the AP, as is customary, which asked about national security as it relates to the Petraeus scandal.
  • Question two went to CNN chief White House correspondent Jessia Yellin, who asked about the fiscal cliff as it related to tax cuts.

  • Telemundo national correspondent Lori Montenegro gets the third question, who asks about immigration reform.
  • NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd got question four, and asked follow ups on the questions from the AP and CNN, on Petraeus and taxes.
  • CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes got the fifth question and asked whether President Obama had spoken to Romney, and scheduled a time to sit down and discuss the issues of the day with him.
  • Jonathan Karl from ABC News asked question six, who asked about the potential cabinet nominations President Obama may make.
  • Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry asked question seven: whether the President thought he had a mandate, and whether the President would address the families of those killed in Benghazi.
  • Chicago Tribune White House correspondent Christi Parsons asks about Iran, and whether the U.S. could go over the fiscal cliff.
  • New York Times reporter Mark Landler asks about climate change in question nine.
  • The last question goes to Reuters reporter Mark Felsenthal, who asks whether the U.S. would directly intervene in Syria.

Right as he was saying goodbye, Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols yelled out a question about the fiscal cliff. “That is a great question, but it would be a horrible precedent for me to answer your question just because you yelled it out,” Obama replied.