DirecTV Opens 'NFL Sunday Ticket' Up to All

By Alex Weprin Comment

In an unexpected move, DirecTV has opened up its NFL Sunday Ticket broadband package up to everyone, even non-DirecTV subscribers.

The catch? Fans can expect to pay $350 for the privilege of watching all of the NFL games on their computer, iPad or iPhone this season.

Still, it is a vast improvement over previous years, which required a DirecTV subscription with the NFL Sunday Ticket package-an investment of thousands of dollars.

The move puts the NFL slightly more in line with what Major League Baseball offers online via its service. Both Sunday ticket and feature all out of market games live and in high quality, via both computers and mobile devices. has the advantage of costing about half as much, and features far more games, considering the 30 teams and 162-game season.

Still, for hardcore NFL fans that could not or would not get DirecTV, the new plan lets them follow their favorite team wherever they are. For many, that is a very big deal.