New Yorker Alexis Glick Talks Biz and Booze

By SteveK Comment

glick_10-15b.jpgNew York Magazine’s Daily Intel gives the 21 Questions treatment to FBN’s Alexis Glick, who talks about a wide array of issues in the web interview.

She describes her typical day (in one sentence) as, “Anchor two shows, report the news on the economy and politics, make calls to executives and sources, meet business contacts, and write a blog.”

As for her “drink” of choice: “A great glass of wine. In the summer a Chardonnay. In the winter a GREAT Cabernet. If the moment looks right, a Tanqueray and tonic with lime.” (When it comes to her “favorite medication,” Tanqueray makes a second appearance.)

She also gives her take on what it means to be a New Yorker:

New Yorkers are color-blind. They embrace and take great pride in New York City’s diverse culture, ethnicity, and religious backgrounds. New Yorkers are passionate — passionate about politics, about education, about health, about great food, great wine, about pursuing the American Dream. New Yorkers live every day as though it were their last. They leave nothing on the table. No regrets. No second-guessing.

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