New Executive Producer For Nancy Grace

By Brian 

As Nancy Grace approaches her one-year anniversary on Headline News, supervising producer and managing editor Dean Sicoli has been promoted to executive producer, CNN said this week.

Sicoli is taking over for Wendy Walker, who was the EP of Grace before Dean’s promotion.

“It was always the plan that after helping co-create the show, Wendy would EP for a year or so (while continuing to be the senior EP on the top-rated Larry King Live), and then move on from that role to help us out on other projects. She continues to be the senior EP on LKL,” CNN said.

Before going to Grace, Sicoli was the supervising producer and managing editor on LKL.

To fill Sicoli’s shoes, Elizabeth Yuskaitis has been named supervising producer, overseeing editorial content, production elements and staff. She has been a senior producer for Grace since launch on Feb. 21…