NBC’s African American Women Series Stirring Debate

By SteveK Comment

This week’s NBC Nightly News series “African American Women: Where They Stand” has set off a dialogue across the Daily Nightly blog and elsewhere in the blogosphere.

The series touches on a different topic each night, with reports so far relating to business, education, health risks and relationships. Responses to the series have poured into blogs like this and this as well as on to the Daily Nightly. Some have applauded NBC for shedding light on topics rarely covered. Others feel there are flaws with the coverage, such as few solutions being offered, not enough time being alloted and a negative spin relating to Black men.

On the Daily Nightly homepage, correspondents Rehema Ellis and Mara Schiavocampo, who helmed the reports, have chimed in to give their opinion on the debate as well. Ellis described the behind-the-scenes process of coming up with the series, and ended her post, saying, “I for one am proud that we are looking at a topic this week that mainstream media rarely reports on: African-American women. Certainly a topic that millions of Americans are thinking about in a lot of different ways. The evidence is in your blogs and emails.”

Schiavocampo addressed two of the concerns — the shortage of time and the “bashing Black men” angle. Tonight’s story focuses on politics, with interviews from the South Carolina state directors of the Clinton and Obama campaigns, who are both African American women.