NBC???: Multiple Crews Used To “Flood The Zone,” But Maybe Not Anymore

By Brian 

Steve Capus has been busy since the announcement of NBC U 2.0. He’s been meeting “with various newsies under his control and has traveled to the West Coast to talk to staffers there,” Variety’s Michael Learmonth reports. Here’s one of the must-read excerpts:

  With all its networks, shows and bureaus, NBC U news personnel tend to flood the zone on every story…

When the congressional page at the center of the Mark Foley molestation story met with the FBI in Oklahoma City, for example, producers from Today, Nightly News, Dateline and MSNBC all staked out the courthouse for what turned out to be a one-minute statement from the young man’s lawyer.

During the Amish school shootings in Pennsylvania, Capus told staff, only half-facetiously, that the sheriff probably got more separate calls from NBC U bookers –from MSNBC to NBC News to local stations — than all the other media combined.

Other highlights:

> Countdown will move to 30 Rock, “as will the control room for” Hardball. Imus will move to CNBC’s HQ.

> Insiders are expect layoffs of MSNBC bookers, cameramen and producers. “MSNBC doesn’t have a lot of high-priced talent, and there may be cases where an MSNBC employee replaces one at NBC News.”