Nancy Grace Promises ‘Swift Justice’ in Syndication

By Alex Weprin Comment

SJ072610.bmp Broadcasting & Cable‘s Paige Albiniak previews Nancy Grace’s upcoming syndicated program “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace.”

Based on Albiniak’s story and the accompanying video preview, it certainly looks like the program will have little in common with Grace’s HLN program or most daytime court shows.

“Swift Justice” sounds like a hybrid of “Judge Judy,” “Dr. Phil” and “CSI”:

She walks all over the set, whether it’s to point something out on one of the set’s giant screens or give a crying litigant a much-needed hug. And there’s a lot of crying.

“Because of Nancy’s experience as a prosecutor, she took to the set as if it were a courtroom,” says [“Swift Justice” EP Joe]Terenzio, who worked with designer Joe Stewart to create the high-tech red and blue backdrop.

The show also features plenty of expert criminology and technology. In one case, Grace brings in a blood-spatter expert to determine whether a woman was struck by her boyfriend or fell of her own accord. The show also is visited by experts in DNA analysis and lie detectors.

All in all it sounds like an interesting concept, combining formats from TV news with TV court shows. There is even a bit of a “Marriage Ref” element thrown in. While Grace will hear two disputes per hour-long episode on her set, she will also hear one case via videoconference, as part of what the show is calling “Nancy Across America.”