Murdoch on Fox Biz: “We’re Very, Very Confident”

By Chris Ariens Comment

Murdoch_2.4.jpgRupert Murdoch says he’s “not at all” concerned about the ratings for the Fox Business Network. During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, Murdoch talked up News Corp.’s quarterly growth (net income up 1.2%). Then Cavuto ran the gamut with the big boss, talking about the Super Bowl, The Wall Street Journal, the writers’ strike, the 2008 race and FBN:

“When word leaked out about ratings people were saying ‘well, they’re off to a very slow start’ and competitors across the river connecting Manhattan and New Jersey said ‘a ha, they’re in deep trouble.’ You do not concur on that?”

Murdoch: “Not at all, we’re very, very confident, and very proud of it and we thank you for your leadership of it.”

Other highlights:

• Murdoch said the planned move of Wall Street Journal staffers from their downtown Manhattan offices to News Corp’s midtown HQ would “be for everybody” and that “it would take a year” to complete. “When you take over a company, and you want to make changes,” Murdoch says “you do everything you can to change the culture, and a physical move is a big and useful thing to do.”

• Murdoch calls Sunday (and FOX’s 97.5 million viewers for the Super Bowl) “the greatest day ever in the history of our network.”