Mumbai Aftermath: How Cable News Covered the Story

By Chris Ariens Comment

The siege on Mumbai began Wednesday afternoon but didn’t come to a conclusion until Friday night (ET). The news broke as Americans began the long Thanksgiving holiday, when the networks had already given many editorial and production employees time off.

During that 36 hours, some cable news channels stuck with their holiday schedule of taped programs, while others went live. Here’s how programming looked Friday night on FNC, CNN and MSNBC (ET):

• Fox News remained in tape at 8pm and 10pm with updates at the top of the hours. Hannity & Colmes was live at 9pm.

• CNN was live with Wolf Blitzer at 8pm, Larry King Live at 9pm. The network re-aired CNN Heroes at 10pm.

• MSNBC remained with documentaries through prime time but began frequent updates through the 10pm hour.

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