MSNBC Control Room Fail

By kevin Comment


If you were watching MSNBC this afternoon, you may have noticed a lot of promos. TVNewser has learned there have been control room technical issues all afternoon.

At 1:55pmET today Andrea Mitchell finished her show, but it seemed MSNBC lost their feed and went into five minutes of commercials followed by another five minutes of in-house show promos, alternating between the “Way Too Early,” “Morning Joe,” “Morning Meeting,” “Dr. Nancy, “The Ed Show,” “Hardball,” “Countdown,” and “The Rachel Maddow Show” promos on a loop. At 2:05pmET, MSNBC was back up and airing “The New York Times Edition.” At that time, we were told by an MSNBC spokesperson that the network simply had a technical issue in one of the control rooms.

Then at 3:42pmET, Tamron Hall went to commercial and regular programming didn’t resume for 17 minutes. The network was again forced to run a mix of promos and ads until until 3:59pmET.

At 4:32 a TVNewser tipster wrote in: “MSNBC coms still down. NY fixed, sort of, at 4pm. DC still down. Hardball is going to be an adventure.”

An MSNBC spokesperson tells us, “We had technical issues with our control rooms today, our staff is working hard on resolving the issues.”

UPDATE: TVNewser has learned that today’s control room issues were caused by a fire in an equipment room in New York. A spokesperson tells us, “Our technical team did an amazing job swapping out the damaged gear and getting us back to business as quickly as possible.”

During the 4pmET hour, Tamron Hall sent out a few tweets about the incident:
• What a friday. Major tech issues. I can’t hear guests and David’s shot is not up and running. The show goes on, great team working hard.
• I am listening to guest from across the room. No way to hear them in my ear piece. TGIF
• Did I mention the fire alarm too…wild day