Michael Jackson: Morning Show Notes

By Chris Ariens Comment


The Today show was split with Matt Lauer in New York and Meredith Vieira in Hollywood. The first hour was devoted to Jackson, with Ann Curry first appearing in the 8am hour with other news. Curry also anchored the Jackson/Fawcett specials last night. Al Roker, in Charlotte, announced the show would postpone the final “Lend a Hand Today” celebration until Monday.


On Good Morning America, Robin Roberts opened the show with, “Diane Sawyer, under the weather this morning. And our good friend, Charlie Gibson, is with us for this special.” Sawyer’s 1994 Primetime Live interview with Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley was a big part of last night’s Jackson special. Martin Bashir, who in 2002-’03 spent eight months documenting Jackson’s life, was featured on GMA.


Maggie Rodriguez returned from being on assignment this week to anchor The Early Show along with Harry Smith. And CBS has been able to tap the resources of CBS productions “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider.” Lara Spencer has been co-hosting this morning’s show. Meanwhile, Dave Price is reporting from outside Jackson’s home in Los Angeles.